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Where to Find and Download Old Facebook Versions from 2017 for Free

Now you can get early access to the next version of Facebook for Android by becoming a beta tester. Learn how to sign up, give feedback and leave the program in our Help Center: up directly

Don't want to lose your Facebook information forever? You can download a copy of your entire Facebook Timeline by navigating to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Privacy > Your Facebook Information. Select the View link next to Download profile information.

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Choose what should and should not be included in the download, then click Create Files to download your Facebook information to your computer. Once a file is created, it can always be redownloaded from the Available files tab. You can also transfer certain data to other platforms.

As of October 2017 this emoji set has been discontinued. Messenger for iOS now uses native Apple emojis, and Messenger for Android and web uses the Facebook emoji set. See also: ? Crescent Moon for Messenger Dark Mode.

Safe APKs: All Facebook APKs that you download from this site are original and not altered in any way. Hashes are posted on download page for confirmation. [ Signature: 8A3C4B262D721ACD49A4BF97D5213199C86FA2B9 ]

* Some Facebook old versions may not work due to date restriction imposed on them or failure to connect with server due to changes in how newer versions work now. In that case please download a newer version than that. * If one version fails to install, please download and install different version.

If you accidentally deleted Facebook photos on your iPhone, you can follow the first method to download the Facebook archive via browser. Besides, if you have downloaded the Facebook photos to your iPhone, or uploaded photos to Facebook from your iPhone, you can check the recently deleted folder to find your deleted photos back.

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Taptica's ad campaign for Drivemode is notable for demonstrating that audience targeting is often more important than just using videos to help drive app downloads. Every metric cited by Taptica compares its Facebook canvas ads with video ads, with a key difference in how custom audiences were developed for targeting.

Just last week, Facebook said mobile video ads need to capture the attention of smartphone users immediately because they scroll through their news feed 41% faster on a smartphone than on a desktop, according to a blog post by the company. Facebook is seeking to make mobile video ads more compelling as ad agencies complain that viewability rates are as low as 20%, according to a report in Digiday. Media buyers are using new auditing capabilities that show Facebook's viewability rate is lacking compared to an industry average of 50%. Drivemode's results, however, show that marketers are generally more successful in driving new users and app downloads when they integrate valuable audience targeting into their strategy.

Joe Pulizzi is the bestselling author of seven content marketing books including his latest, Content Inc. He has founded four companies, including the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), and his newest venture, The Tilt. His podcast series, This Old Marketing with Robert Rose, has generated millions of downloads from over 150 countries. He is also the author of The Random Newsletter, delivered to thousands every two weeks. His Foundation, The Orange Effect, delivers speech therapy and technology services to children in 35 states. Follow him on Twitter @JoePulizzi.

In an interview earlier this year with The Associated Press, singer and actress Selena Gomez said she began pressing tech companies like Facebook to clean up their sites in 2017 after a 12-year-old commented on one of Gomez's Instagram posts: "Go kill yourself."

Scott Chapman, a senior majoring in business management from Hemet, Calif., revived a teenage hobby and started a game design business as part of his EDGE project. The business has given Scott the opportunity to not only gain a scholarship to SUU through EDGE, but develop three games that are internationally downloadable through the iTunes App Store.

Goofball! Pop requires the player to protect a cluster of balls by shooting down mines as they move toward the group. The game uses bright colors and alluring sounds to engage players. He has since developed a third game, called Light Dash Colors. All three of these games are available for free download on the iTunes App Store.

Between February 2015 and February 2017, targeted Facebook advertisements reached 1,523,239 men, resulting in 41,811 clicks through to the study website, with 1072 (2.56%) converting to lodgment of an expression of interest. Of these, 681 (63.53%) provided written informed consent and 535 (78.6% of recruited participants) completed all the study requirements. Reasons for participating in the study included altruism, past history of HPV, gaining more knowledge about HPV or the vaccine, working in the health industry, and the monetary compensation. The average advertising cost per completed study participant was Aus $48. Compared with the census population, HYM study participants were more likely to be Australian born (P

Recruitment to the study was based on strategies developed for the Vaccine Against Cervical Cancer Impact and Effectiveness (VACCINE) study, as previously described [6,35]. We recruited participants through targeted advertisements placed on Facebook (Facebook, Inc) between February 2015 and February 2017. Advertisements were targeted to men who were aged 18 to 35 years and living in Australia (we specifically selected the audience criteria on the Ads Manager of Facebook: users with an Australian IP address, male, and aged 18-35 years). Each advertisement contained a short text and image, examples of which are presented in Figure 1. Once clicking on the advertisement, participants were directed to the HYM password-protected website. Here potential participants could read about the study and register their expression of interest (EOI). Only men who registered their EOI were contacted by a study researcher. A telephone call established eligibility and obtained verbal consent. The inclusion criteria confirmed verbally were (1) male, (2) aged 18 to 35 years, (3) living permanently in Australia and eligible for a Medicare number, and (4) had been sexually active (ie, had ever had penetrative or oral sex).

Between February 2015 and February 2017, we simultaneously ran one campaign containing 5 advertisements, which reached 1,523,239 Australian male Facebook users within the target age range. In that time, the campaign was presented to users 7,029,581 times. The advertisements were seen on mobile phones or tablets (n=687,682, 45.15%), desktop computers (n=336,813, 22.11%), and other devices (n=498,744, 32.74%). There were 41,811 clicks (0.59% of total advertisement presentations) on the advertisements, resulting in 1072 (2.56% of clicks) EOIs. The advertisements were shown at all times and were viewed on average 4.61 times per day (the number varied depending on the amount of money placed on the advertisement).

"Catch the King" 2017 was a citizen science GPS data collection effort centered in Hampton Roads, VA, that sought to map the King Tide's maximum inundation extents with the goal of validating and improving predictive models for future forecasting of increasingly pervasive "nuisance" flooding. GPS data points were collected by volunteers to effectively breadcrumb/trace the high water line by pressing the 'Save Data' button in the Sea Level Rise App every few steps along the water's edge during the high tide on the morning of Nov. 5th, 2017. It garnered a Guinness World Record as the "World's Largest Environmental Survey" for its organizers and its 722 participants. Catch the King is still presently the world record holder.

In the months following the event, 187 people emailed Dr. Loftis with additional GPS data points missing from the original event as a few volunteers noticed their data missing from the map as he presented it and as it was published in The Virginian-Pilot and Daily Press and among other media sources nationally. These data were collected through separate, concomitant, private events established with the Sea Level Rise app on November 5th, 2017, and are included to total 59,718 data points and 1582 photographs from 722 individual volunteers. Click the collapsible arrows below for an infographic or video breakdown of these statistics.

An edited video of the Facebook Live Stream of the 'Catch the King' Tide 2017 Data Review Presentation hosted by the VA Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency at Old Dominion University on Dec. 13, 2017.

GPS high water mark data appear on the embedded map above as blue dots. Red points correspond with Tidewatch and StormSense water level sensors. This interactive map presents forecasted maximum flooding extents for the King Tide on Sunday, 11/05/2017, from 08:00-11:59 AM EDT, with the Sea Level Rise App data serving as an effective validation of the model's predictions. Evaluate the comparison for yourself using the measuring tools and print your own maps using the embedded interactive map's toolbar. Inundation forecast results are depicted using a range of blue hues correponding with flood depths, and are advised by VIMS' hydrodynamic models and by Tidewatch.

Interested volunteers can participate in future citizen science field data collection events like this one by downloading the "Sea Level Rise" application onto their smartphones, and using the app to trace the high water line from varying locations where they observe inundation. The data will be collected and used to help scientists, educators, and community leaders better understand the risks imposed by the rising tide. To learn more about how the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency is working to help address these issues, visit:


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