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Buy Photino Blade [REPACK]

The Butterfly Photino is considered one of the lightest blades produced by Butterfly. It is made up of a lightweight composite blade with two layers of ZL fiber in the middle of the blades. They are considered to be harder than regular carbon yet lighter than ordinary blades.Butterfly always provides the highest quality materials, although with a very high price tag to match them. They provide blades made of various materials used for various types of playing. Some prefer power-hitting, while some may consider agile tactics like this Photino blade.

buy photino blade


Photino blade is made of 2 layers of Cypress, 2 inner layers of Zylon fiber, and a central Kiri core. Zylon adds flexibility and hardness, allowing softer shots for slow swings but a level of hardness for faster strokes. The Photino has a catapult effect; the more energy put into the shot, the faster the ball bounces off the blade.

The Butterfly Photino can be considered a winner in most departments and the best tool in the market for a close controlling, attacking, and aggressive game. The Photino sells for around 180 dollars, and the price is justifiable for the level of quality of the product we get. A blade that requires a combination of high speed and controls, Photino is the one to buy.

It is a beautiful blade that is specially made for top players. The blade is lightweight and made of innovative ZL fiber. ZL fiber is the new material that features almost the same characteristic as carbon, but it is even harder, lighter, and more flexible compared to carbon.

I love this blade very much. It gives me ultimate speed, high throw, highest catapult effect of all blades, I think. The blade is not too hard with a nice feeling and good touch because of vibrations. It is suitable for a fast and spinny game in all distances with the best balance in the catapult, ball feel, and control.

I have used numerous blades for the past few years. More than 10 from the likes of Stiga, Joola, and Butterfly. My worst experience was Michael Maze with arylate carbon. It was uncontrollable. I have used the Photino for 2 years now, and it remains the best of all blades I have used thus far.

It is excellent in all aspects of play, from pushes to topspins. Very powerful from mid-table for topspins and consistently hits its mark. I have tried the Innerforce but found that it has vibrations, which I do not like. So far, this is the perfect blade, and there is no need for me to look for another!

Description : The popular Photino blade is now in a lighter version. A slightly modified head shape has effectively reduced the blade weight. Offers the same soft feel of the original Photino with plenty of power, but approximately 10 grams lighter! Hinoki outer plies combined with Butterfly's ZL Fiber.

Venus V-1 "BTY Photino Clone"Three Kiso Hinoki wood layers with two layers of CarboKev composite form the basis for Yinhe's first high-end blade. The Venus.1 excels at offensive play close to mid distance from the table for players who look for looping kill-shots.This blade plays like the Butterfly Photino.

In Britain too, Butterfly has been the leading brand for more than 30 years. Currently most of the England's leading players use Butterfly equipment. In the 2010 European Championships all 8 players who represented England played with Butterfly blades and rubbers. Both of the current No.1 players, Liam Pitchford and Kelly Sibley, use Butterfly. In the rest of Britain several leading players use Butterfly including Ryan Jenkins of Wales, Charlotte Covey and Craig Howieson of Scotland, and Vaughan McCreary from Ireland.

Butterfly's domination at world level is apparent when looking at the statistics from the World Championships in Perth in May 2013. Where 52% of the players used Butterfly rubbers and 56% of the players used Butterfly blades. 041b061a72


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