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Shot #Plankie™ (12 glass) portrait

Shot #Plankie™ (12 glass) portrait

Bespoke handcrafted Rosewood household products. We make bespoke handcrafted “braai-planke” and other related household products out of African Rosewood. We offer personalisation of each purchase, by laser engraving the recipient’s name, for free.

  • Product Info

    • Measurement - ± 350x130x22mm
    • Shot glasses included
  • Disclaimer

    Ownership of packages becomes the buyer's responsibility with handover to PostNet. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. We are not responsible for erroneous deliveries by the courier or incorrect delivery information. Shipping is a service you buy from PostNet and therefore any delivery issues must be handled by PostNet. Insurance is available for any order and is recommended for an order that you cannot afford to lose.                
    We are responsible for your #plankie until it reaches the PostNet office. After that, it is beyond our control.                
    Also note that no exchange or refund will take place after your order has been approved for additional artwork on the #plankie, upon receipt.                
    Please note that, unless specifically requested by the client, all photographic material may be used for promotional purposes on any media platforms 

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