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MythBusters The Game Crazy Experiments Simulato... __FULL__

The Story of the game is that you are a MythBuster just starting out and you have to rise in popularity by doing crazy stunts. The only thing in game that suggests this is a brief text box when you start the game. After that, all semblance of story is thrown to the side.

MythBusters The Game Crazy Experiments Simulato...

Short Description: Be a MythBuster in front and behind the camera! The game is a first-person sim that adapts the famous Discovery show. Run crazy experiments and manage the production of episodes.

Having the opportunity to perform dangerous experiments without the actual, real-life danger will likely be appeal to those who have always wanted to simulate their own Mythbusters episode. Beyond the gameplay featured in the trailer, though, Mythbusters: The Game might not be as close of a Mythbusters adaptation as one might think. Of course, trailers don't always paint a project in the best light - that's a myth that can only be tested after the game is released. 041b061a72


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