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Cardsoft Pcmcia Download !!TOP!!

Cardsoft Pcmcia Download -

I'm trying to find the DOS PCMCIA card and socket service software. I had downloaded heaps of "" files. But they won't work with the "Texas Instruments PCI-1420" PCMCIA chipset my laptop has.

The cwdw.exe downloadable from their website is a Windows 32bit app that gives the choice of creating install floppies or unpacking in a directory, in it there's a DOS install.exe and a Win 3.1x setup.

I have actually tried the tellme program and it actually recognizes it as a intel 82365SL pcmcia device , But I do know its a Ricoh RL5C475A because when I run windows 98, that is what shows up in device manager , and that is what driver disks I have for it , is for the Ricoh chipset, and yes I have tried PhoenixCard Manager 4.02, it does recognize the pcmcia as a ricoh pcmcia controller , but when DOS loads DOS just completely freezes. The next thing I am trying to use is APsoft cardware 7.0 , which for it to work you have to set somethings like resources manually in the configuration file for the software , And I know the software works with the pcmcia controller since I have tried the windows 98 version of the software with windows 98 on that laptop. I actually made another post on this forum to get help to get it working. Topic 56589

Yes, when I do the DOS installer, it doesn't leave me install anything , The installer recognises nothing and when I try to install , It says it installed something , But it installs nothing . The other issue is that controller isn't a cardbus controller , its a original pcmcia not cardbus controller, even if that driver would work , that would mean no cardbus devices would work.

And for the sake of testing, comment out everything you don't need to try the drivers, especially emm386, cause it seems that's the source of your issues.Also put a "pause" as the first line of your autoexec.bat so you can read what the cardsoft drivers say.Please post the contents of both your config and autoexec files that would be very helpful.

Another issue I really don't want to use the cardsoft drivers, since the intel ss365sl isn't cardbus compatible, I am thinking the Ricoh RL5C475A is intel ss365sl 16-bit pcmcia compatible, but then you need other drivers to use 32 bit cardbus cards , I want to use cardware 7.0 drivers since its fully compatible with the Ricoh RL5C475A, But because the drivers work with basically all pcmcia controllers , the resources have to be manually set to the hardware of the device.

Pcmkinit.exe is part if the PCMK Win9x Driver - download from A-B as part of a monster 1784-PC Card bulk driver downloadAfter pcmkinit.exe runs you should hear the beep,Run pcmklist.exe to check the PCMK card and show allocated address. I aimed for D300-D3FF. The address allocated by pcmkinit.exe can be specified by switches AND is restricted by the block of memory you exclude in EMM386 - see config.sys above.

If you can see the PCMK card configured correctly well done.Now remember the drivers for the 6200 software need to be updated so the built in KT card drivers will use the PCMK cardThis update is explain in same document: 1784-6.5.19-RN2 "Using PCMK card with 6200 series sofwtare"The update software is also found in the bundle of drivers you downloaded earlier. look for

actually cardware does support cardbus, my cardbus controller is in the list of compatible pcmcia devices , also since the ricoh cardbus controller is intel ss365sl compatible as well. in the manual it talks about supporting cardware and there is a list of supported devices, cardbus controllers are on the list

Once you have downloaded your new driver, you'll need to install it. In Windows, use a built-in utility called Device Manager, which allows you to see all of the devices recognized by your system, and the drivers associated with them.

Adaptec 1460 AND iomega zip PCMCIA SCSI adaptors have an enabler for this purpose.The Following lines are required in your Config.sys file for PCMCIA support in DOS or Windows 3.1x


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