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Alindao Ifilatova
Alindao Ifilatova

The Ninth Gate

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Corso travels to Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal, and meets with Victor Fargas who owns a copy of The Nine Gates. Corso finds that three different engravings in his copy are signed "L.C.F.", and the engravings signed this way have subtle differences from those signed "A.T." Corso relays his findings to Balkan and Balkan orders him to acquire Fargas' copy. The next day the Girl takes Corso to see Fargas, who has been drowned; Corso retrieves Fargas's burnt copy from the fireplace and finds the three "L.C.F." engravings torn out. Corso goes to Paris, France, to investigate the third copy owned by Baroness Kessler. Wary of Corso and knowing he is employed by Balkan, she refuses him. Corso is attacked while walking outside only to be saved by The Girl who exhibits seemingly supernatural powers. Corso hides Balkan's book in his hotel room and tells Kessler about the "L.C.F." engravings, proposing that each copy has three that together make an authentic set of nine. Intrigued, Kessler allows Corso to look at her copy. Corso is attacked, and the Baroness is strangled to death and her library set on fire. Corso returns to his hotel and discovers Balkan's copy is missing, probably stolen by Liana.

The Girl explains Balkan's ritual did not work because one of the engravings was forged. When they stop for gas she leaves, but gives Corso a note sending him to the Ceniza brothers. At their shop, Corso finds they have mysteriously vanished and the shop is being cleaned out. As workmen remove a large bookcase, a dust-covered paper floats down from the top. This is the authentic engraving, which depicts a woman who resembles the Girl riding atop a dragon-like beast in front of the burning castle. Corso appears returning to the castle with the gates opening up full of bright blinding light, implying the entrance of the Ninth Gate has opened for him.

The Ninth Gate is the last gate in the realm of Death. Unlike the others, it is up in the sky at the end of the river, where there is no more current. There is, in fact, a sky here, compared to the perpetual fog of the other 8 Precincts.

The way to go through the Ninth Gate is to look at it. Upon seeing the stars of the gate, any being puts away their possessions and begins to rise into the air. However, for some, this ascent is halted because their time is not up yet. They fall back to the river below, safe from the siren's song of the Ninth Gate.

Well, I had seen the movie (the ninth gate) and I quite liked it but to be honest, I 'd never notices that one of the engravings showed had actually CHESS involved! Yes, that's right and I found out by accident. 59ce067264


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